Saturday, November 25, 2006

setup a hybrid 2.71/2.82 [devhook 0.46 - 2.71 emulated firmware]

setup a hybrid 2.71/2.82 [devhook 0.46 - 2.71 emulated firmware]

Step 1
Download Dark_Alex's psar dump mod with sigcheck from
Unrar and copy psardumpmod and psardumpmod% to ms:/PSP/GAME folder

Step 2
Use PBP Unpacker to extract DATA.PSAR from 2.82 firmware EBOOT.PBP and copy the DATA.PSAR to the root of your mem stick. ms:\DATA.PSAR

Step 3
Run psardumpmod. In the menu screen press the SQUARE button and it'll dump 2.82 firmware and decrypt all the files to your ms. All the files will be inside ms:\F0 folder.

Step 4
Gotoms:\F0\kd folder and
rename memlmd.prx to memlmd_282.prx
rename mscm.prx to mscm_282.prx
rename mesg_led.prx to mesg_led_282.prx
rename registry.prx to registry_282.prx
rename utility.prx to utility_282.prx
rename impose.prx to impose_282.prx
copy them fromms:\F0\kd to ms:\dh\271\flash0\kd folder of your mem stick.

Step 5
Open ms:\dh\271\flash0\kd\pspbtcnf_game.txt file and edit


and save.

Step 6
Enjoy your hybrid 2.71/2.82 firmware with devhook.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

xpert 2 released

xpert 2 released on 23-12-2006
register the forums and get the tool
Main Updates Include:

Right Click Popup Quick Launch Menu
Plugin picture image
Sound played when cursor is over a button
Minimizes to System Tray
Skins Menu
Main tool skin detect on your pc system date, like psp feature.

Menu Styles
Style XP
Style ICY
Style XP 2003 Green
Style XP 2003 Purple
Style XP 2003 Orange
Tools Menu
ZLIB 1.2.3
PSP Media Player

Reload Plugin and Quick Launch
Addon Plugins
Addon Quick Launch
Show/Hide Log File
Help Menu
Always On Top
Get More Plugins
Abort Ext/Reb File

Relinker Updates Include:

Replace Dummy File dropdown list 0 to 16 bytes
Use Selected File As Master File
Relink Selected File(s) To Master File
Extract Selected
Replace Selected File(s) With Dummy
Replace Selected File(s) With Master File
Inject Selected File(s) into an existing ISO/Data image File
Load Hash File
Save Hash FIle
Create SFV File
Selected Filename As Master File Search
Search Filename At Right Side
Search Filename At Left Side
Selected Hash As Master File Search
Search Hash
Selected FileID As Master File Search
Search FileID

ZLIB 1.2.3.

zcf2zdf and zcf2zdf have mode 1 , mode 2 and mode 3 compression/decompression method

PSP Media Player(Demo Version)

  • Support Mov, M4a, Mp4 with aac audio, 3gp with amr audio, Avi, Wmv (window media video), asf, RM (need rm decoder), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (need decoder), ASF, WAV, MP3, MID , BMP(24bpp), JPG, GIF File formats.
  • ps2 pss(extract to .m2v)
  • psp pmf (vcodec to .avi)

msmpeg4 - DivX 3
msmpeg4v2 - MS MPEG4v2

mpeg2video - MPEG-2 video
wmv1 - Windows Media Video, version 1 (AKA WMV7)
wmv2 - Windows Media Video, version 2 (AKA WMV8)

  • You must install Directx 9 and Direct3D-enabled video adapters.
  • snopshot bmp(32bpp),jpg(24bpp),png(32bpp),tif(32bpp),gif(8bpp)